Training is the hub of the group's activity and it is carried out inside as well as outside the University. Given the advanced character of the research topics followed, the members' training is looked after with the greatest care. This fact takes shape through its members' continuous attendance at external courses on very various subjects which go from business organization to computer systems management or the set of topics reflected in the "Research Topics".

Moreover the group has helped and is helping organisms and companies in these research fields. Internal training takes place through technical sessions which are generally held every two weeks and where the group's members and guests share their knowledge with the others.

Finally, our Group has been at the origin of the development of Courses and Research Workshops that are part of the Doctorate Program of the Artificial Intelligence Department of the Facultad de Informática:

  Advanced Subjects
  Regular Topics
  Research Topics

Advanced Subjects

Title: Multilingual Support Systems. Internet Applications.
Date: 2-6 April 2001
Professor: Prof. Dr. Igor Boguslawsky. Academy of Sciences of Moscow
Credits: 1.5
Language: English

Regular Topics

Title: Support Systems to Multilinguality in Internet. Validation, Verification and Testing
Credits:  3
Professors: Jesús Cardeñosa, Luis Iraola, Francisco Astudillo, Edmundo Tovar, Igor Boguslawsky (Academy of Sciences of Moscow)

Research Workshops

Title: Multilinguism Support Computer Systems 1º
Professor: Jesús Cardeñosa Lera
Title: Multilinguism Support Computer Systems
Professor: Jesús Cardeñosa LeraTop of the page