Project Title: PATRILEX HUM2005-07260. Documentary search about cultural heritage based on multilingual lexical resources

    Funding Body: CICYT

    Duration: January 1, 2006 - December 31, 2008

    Description: The goal of this proposal is the definition of a Methodology and the development of tools to support the creation of multilingual lexical resources for information retrieval applications in multilingual environments. Also, lexical resources in the field of Cultural Heritage will be created consisting of a multilingual Thesaurus where semantic relations will be defined in order to determine the subjacent context in a query. The final system would be a search system based on keyword user entries able to determine the context of the query and able to establish the correspondence with other languages. It would permit to write a query in Spanish Language and to obtain documents in some languages but according to the query. The languages of the multilingual Thesaurus will be Spanish, English and Russian and the real testing environment the web site of the General Sub direction of Cultural Heritage today only in Spanish Language. The methodology will emphasize in the extensibility to new languages of the proposed method.

    Members of the Project