The open vocation of the group is reflected in the exchanges with people from foreign institutions. Besides the participation in an ERASMUS Programme, now SOCRATES, other programmes have allowed students, teachers and researchers from France, the United Kingdom, Cuba, Denmark, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia, Australia, Brazil and Japan to work together with this group. Moreover at the present time, we are defining new exchanges with the United States and Vietnam, also we are partners in some international projects with institutions from : South Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailandia India, Jordan, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Latvia and Russia. One of the reasons why we do that is because we are convinced that the future requires the integration of all the cultures and mutual enrichment, which can be reached through the close knowledge of the others given by life together so as to be able to work together. The future depends on this and that is why our group devotes part of its resources to foster its members going to other countries.