Jesús Cardeñosa Lera


Position: Professor

Tel.: +34-91-336.42.88 // +34-91-352-16-92

Fax: +34-91-352.48.19



Departamento de Inteligencia Artificial
Facultad de Informática
Campus de Montegancedo
28660-Boadilla del Monte, MADRID

Summary of the Curriculum Vitae


    Aeronautical Engineer (UPM-1979). 
    Certificate in Project Management (UPM-1980). 
    Ph.D. in Computer Science (UPM-1987). 
    Master on Knowledge Engineering (UPM-1987).

Current Responsabilities

    Professor of Knowledge Engineering in the Computer Science Faculty of the UPM
    Head of the Group of Validation&Bussiness Applications of the Artificial Intelligence Department of the UPM
    Project Leader of the Project UNL for the UPM (1996-until now)
    Project Leader of the Project FLEX  (1999-2001)

Professional Experience

From 1980 to 1985, Technical Director of a Company in Civil Engineering in the Energy field and simultaneously Assistant Professor in the Applied Mathematics in the Computer Science School of UPM. Technical advisor of AEG-Telefunken for autonomous electrification matters (1983-1985). Advisor of Ministry of Industry of Spain to elaborate Technical Standars in Energy saving in airports and in electrical systems. Project Leader of the PIVOT project sponsored by NEC about Multilingual Generation by Interlingua (1988-1992). Project Leader in eight Expert Systems in different fields (banking, industry,...)(1988-1999) Director of the Master on Knowledge Engineering of the UPM (1988-1992) and Director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the UPM (1988-1994). Project Leader of two Esprit II Projects [VALID (1989-1991) ; ACKNOWLEDGE ( 1989-1991)] and one Esprit III Project [ORCHESTRA (1994-1996)] Project Leader of  three research projects from the Spanish Council for R&D (1990-1998), and Project Leader of a Project  PASO ESPRIT PC-315 about Data Bases Interfaces in Natural Language(1994-1995). Evaluator of R&D projects in several fields of Information Technology matters for the Spanish Ministry of Industry of Spain and Commission of the European Union. (1989-1997). Coordinator of an ALFA Project of the European Union with European and Latin-american Countries (1997-1998). Director of the "FLEX" (29158) Esprit IV project (1999-2001) His current work is focused to the definition of quality procedures, definition of standars, particularly in the field of industrial applications and Validation of Intelligent systems. Other fields are Natural Language and Multilinguism on Internet. Since 1997 is the Director of the Spanish Language Group in the UNL Programme. Since 2004 is the director of the Spanish Language Center of the UNL Programme of the United Nations and since 2004 is promoting and coordinating the "UNL Consortiulm" for the implantation in the market of the UNL System. Coordinating the rest of Language Centers.


More than 80 papers and communications have been published in journals or Congress Proceedings during the last 14 years. More than 30 speeches in Knowledge Engineering and more than 30 courses given as guest Professor in international events as IBM to ACIX-IBM (La Hulpe. Belgium) and several European, US, Latin american Universities. He has also worked in the elaboration of several external programs in Knowledge Engineering and Intelligent systems Including the Master of Knowledge Engineering and two for the European Social Fund. He has belonged to several International Programme Committees and been chairman of some international conferences. He is member of IEEE. Fellow of the International Committee for the Electronic Commerce (ICEC) and recently named as Director of the Spanish Language Center of the IAS/UNU for the UNL project.

Madrid, October 21, 2010

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